Oil Filter System Diesel Fuel Filter

Oil Filter System Diesel Fuel Filter
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Oil filter system introduction

In the oil-water separation process shell is equipped with coalescence cartridges and separation cartridges, when the medium flows through its internal then there will be four processes-filtration, coalescence, settlement, separation, so as to realize the removal of moisture, medium alkali and organic acid salt soluble in water and etc.

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Shell material:20#,345Q,Stainless steel
Micron rating range: less than 0.3 micron,0.3 micron,0.5micron,1 micron,5 micron,10 micron
Cartridges size: OD3.5’’.4.5’’.6’’; Lenght16,18,20,32,36,40,72’’
Initial pressure drop: ≤50bar
Changeable pressure drop: <150Bar
Operating temperature: 0~120℃

Coalescing cartridges

He coalescence cartridges is mainly made by surface treated glass fiber or polyester fiber, special design structure makes cartridges good coalescence performance. Removal rating can be up to 0.1μm


Liquid-liquid coalescence separator is equipped with two group of different functions cartridges in internal; separator housing is metal housing and equipped with lever gauge, pressure gauge ,vent valve, drain valve, online sample joints and other accessories.

Process flow

1. in order to extend the coalescence cartridges’ service life and improve the dewatering efficiency, recommend to add a pre-filter in the front of coalescence filter separator . The main purpose of pre filter is used to remove medium large impurities and solid particles of iron oxide, iron sulfide and other harmful impurities.
2. Each device is designed with a bypass, convenient in replacement cartridges, then ensure the system work continuously.
3. There are 3 drain on the bottom of each equipment which is conducive to the dirt removal and impurity separated recovery.

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1. As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the machine won’t be broken?

A:Our machine is film wrapped, to make sure the machine can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will use the steel wire to fix the machine with the container.

2. After we placing an order, will you arrange the installation of the machine at present?

A:All the machines will be tested well before delivered, so almost of them can be used directly, also our machine are easy to be installed, if you customer needs our assistance, we will be pleased to arrange the installation, but all the cost will be be charged by you.

3.How can i trust your company?

A:With 10-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price

a. Assessed by third party, national patents and CE, ISO ,ASME for all equipment.

b. For our machine, we do very well on welding zone and surface treatment.

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