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Gas backwash filter introduction

In the compressed air online filtration, new energy silcon powder filtration, high temperature high pressure coal gas filtration etc. applications, INOCO DS-G2 model backwashing filter housing with relevant filter element have showed the good performance.

In the compressed air online filtration ,new energy silcon powder filtration ,high temperature high pressure coal gas filtration etc .applications ,INOCO DS-G2 model backwashing filter housing with relevant filter element have showed the good performance .The filter housing design and fabrication is as per GB\ASME; DS-G2 model backwash filter adopts metal porous sintered cartridges ,this cartridge have the special performance on gas solid separating .Its absolute precision and good uniform permeability ensure the reliable filtration performance ,efficient backwashing cleaning ability and longer service life .The metal porous sintered cartridge filter system is proved that it is the effective and economical device to alter other separating device on sensitive by pressure top value ,high temperature and surrounding environment.

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1、methanol to olefins separation technology in high pressure and high temperature gas filtration 
Filter material: INCONEL600

2、Shell coal gasification technology fly ash filter protection filter 
Filter material: 316L/304L            


Gas backwash characters

1、Working temperature : G2-1 model Maximum :500 Deg.C ;G2-2 model Maximum :980 Deg.C。
2、Working pressure
3、Filter system is adopting with grouping backwashing device ,flow distribution valve ,spray nozzles etc parts ,improved backwashing efficiency effectively .
4、Filter with PLC control unit ,could be remote control .

■ Metal powder sintered porous elements Features

1、Asymmetric structure is not easy to be blocked and easy to backwashing .
2、Overall sintering of SS316,high strength,oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength. 
3、High porosity,a large quantity of filtration throughput . 
4、Pressure-resistant differential is high, filter element pressure difference can reach 10KG. 


1, powder conveying procedure exhaust filter

2, trichlorosilane synthesis gas filter

3,four trichlorosilane exhaust filter silicon chloride tail gas filter

4,the burning of exhaust gas filte 

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