Micro Porous Back Filter

Micro Porous Back Filter
Product Details

Micro porous filter introduction

INOCO-DS-A model Micro porous filter uses the high molecular porous sintered filter element as the core technical filter , the filter is composed of filter body ,filter element , control system, backwash system , chemical regeneration system, control unit ,inspection unit ,pipeline and operation plate .the whole system is controlled by PLC and man-machine inter face automatic operation, INOCO-DS-A6 model Micro porous filter is equipped with overpressure protection and safety lock which could insure the reliable running.

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1.The core internal element is micron porous tubes which is under hung in the filter body .and the bottom is equipped with an auxiliary filter zone for making sure the filtration effect. 
2.The filter internal structure is not only having less space requirement ,but also have more filtration area ,main solution is to solve the medium quick filtration on the top ,and the middle or the bottom have auxiliary filtration ,then the trapped filter cake could be washed and dry pressed. 
3.The processing of filtering, static washing, dry pressing could finish in one machine, it shortens the process, avoids the outside pollution to the cake, closed filtering, clean production; and the pneumatic quick open cover has simple operation. 
4. Discharging the dry cake and reducing the follow-up process energy consumption.
5. It has been widely used in ultrafine metal powder, superfine powder, superfine inorganic salt crystals and catalyst in the production of products of filtration, washing and drying.

6.SPEA filter element is ultra high molecular weight plastic as substrate, with relevant additives (to improve heat resistance, ageing resistance, chemical stability) sintered a one whole porous element .We provide installation or framed structure , and our fast turnkey engineering could make sure our customers without worry.

Technical data

Filter element

PA sintered filter using molecular weight more than 3000000 of the particles are sintered by mirror grade mold , and produced

Products performance by the processing of sintering in certain temperature, baked, cooling , membrane out etc. 
1 high filtration efficiency, high filtration accuracy to 0.3um;
2 life is long, the longest continuous service life up to 10 years,at least two to three years;
3 chemical corrosion resistance superior, all kinds of acid, alkali,salt resistance of 90 DEG, non-toxic, tasteless,no agent
dissolution, mechanical performance is good, not easy to damage;
4 PE microporous material temperature resistance ≤80oC, PA≤100oC .
5 high mechanical strength ,especially impact strength is good,not easy to damage;
6 easy cleaning, high regeneration efficiency. 


1. Industry water treatment
a. Pre-filtration of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange resin
b. Fine filtration of river water, well water, lake water, etc.
c. Wastewater filtration
- Heavy metal wastewater: electroplating wastewater, PCB production wastewater, hot galvanizing wastewater
- Fluorine containing wastewater
- Wastewater of ore well
- Coalyard wastewater
2. Catalyst recycle
3. Grease production
4. Sugar production
5. Fine filtration of MSG destainer and powder activated carbon
6. Juice: fine filtration of apple juice, strawberry juice, Sandra juice, etc.
7. Alcohol drink: wine, white spirit, beer, etc 

Company milestones

1996  Wuxi Aochi Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd was established in Wuxi and became the first company to produce OEM products for foreign company in Wuxi.

2007  Wuxi Aochi restructured and YNT was established which is focus

      on manufacturing and sales of filters and filter elements.

2011  Established Nantong plant of filter element production base.

2012 Established Furong plant, for designing and manufacturing automatic filtration system. 

2014 Restructured  Guangzhou dingsuo , Established YNT anti-corrossion equipment corp.



1. If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me?

A:It’s always my pleasure, hotel booking service is available.

2. Which level of quality are your products?

A:We have got CE, ISO, SGS, TUV, Rosh, ASME certificate so far.

3. Can the machine be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?

A:Surely our machine can be customized as your need, Put on your logo is also available.

4. May i know which payment will be accepted by your company?

A:So far 100%T/T before shipment, and 30% deposit paid by T/T, balanced paid by L/C are available.

5. After we placing an order, will you arrange the installation of the machine at present?

A:All the machines will be tested well before delivered, so almost of them can be used directly, also our machine are easy to be installed, if you customer needs our assistance, we will be pleased to arrange the installation, but all the cost will be be charged by you.

6.How can i trust your company?

A:With 10-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price

a. Assessed by third party, national patents and CE, ISO ,ASME for all equipment.

b. For our machine, we do very well on welding zone and surface treatment.