Backwash Sand Filter

Backwash Sand Filter
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1.Backwash sand filter Introduction

The filter is composed of filter body ,filter element , control system, backwash system , chemical regeneration system, control unit ,inspection unit ,pipeline and operation plate .the whole system is controlled by PLC and man-machine inter face automatic operation, INOCO-DS-A6 model Micro porous filter is equipped with overpressure protection and safety lock which could insure the reliable running.


2.Products performance by the processing of sintering in certain temperature, baked, cooling , membrane out etc. 

1 high filtration efficiency, high filtration accuracy to 0.3um;
2 life is long, the longest continuous service life up to 10 years,at least two to three years;
3 chemical corrosion resistance superior, all kinds of acid, alkali,salt resistance of 90 DEG, non-toxic, tasteless,no agent
dissolution, mechanical performance is good, not easy to damage;
4 PE microporous material temperature resistance ≤80oC, PA≤100oC .
5 high mechanical strength ,especially impact strength is good,not easy to damage;

6 easy cleaning, high regeneration efficiency.


Industry water treatment
a. Pre-filtration of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange resin
b. Fine filtration of river water, well water, lake water, etc.
c. Wastewater filtration
- Heavy metal wastewater: electroplating wastewater, PCB production wastewater, hot galvanizing wastewater
- Fluorine containing wastewater
- Wastewater of ore well
- Coalyard wastewater