Pipeline Basket Strainers

Pipeline Basket Strainers
Product Details

1.Pipeline Basket Strainers Introduction

INOCO pipeline basket strainer can obviously extend the service life of key equipments, improve operational efficiency and avoid the risk of costly system downtime. INOBS filter also works well as the direct large particle filter. The metal filter basket is reusable by cleaning and cost less filter media consumption.



Applicable liquids: Wide applicability, all liquids containing large particles.
Filtration function: Remove large particles; purify liquids, protect key equipment.
Filtration type: particlefiltration, filter with reusable filter media, which requires periodic manual replacement.

INOBS Filter can be installed onto pipelines from 1 to 48 inches. The standard design pressure is 0.6MPa and 1.0MPa.Higher custom-made design pressure is available.

3.Company milestones

1996  Wuxi Aochi Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd was established in Wuxi and became the first company to produce OEM products for foreign company in Wuxi.

2007  Wuxi Aochi restructured and YNT was established which is focus on manufacturing and sales of filters and filter elements.

2011  Established Nantong plant of filter element production base.

2012 Established Furong plant, for designing and manufacturing automatic filtration system.

2014 Restructured  Guangzhou dingsuo , Established YNT anti-corrossion equipment corp.