Stainless Steel Water Filter

Stainless Steel Water Filter
Product Details

1.Stainless steel water filter Introduction

It is an advanced, efficient and easy to operate automatic filtering device.Such as industrial effluent, filtration of circulating water, regeneration of emulsion, filtration treatment of waste oil, continuous casting water system of metallurgical industry, water system of blast furnace, water descaling system with high pressure water.


2.Working Principle

■ The process of filtration

unfiltered liquid flows into the bottom of the element filter and pass through the filter element from the outside to the inside. Then the impurities will be trapped on the outside of element. As the impurities accumulated, the filter cake will be gradually formed. Which could remove smaller particles.

■ The process of backwash

The back washing process is started while the filters reaches the setting differential pressure or time.

Differential pressure transmitter outputs differential pressure signal, starts programmable controller, PLC program outputs signal to the valve actuator, and drain valve is opened,the liquid reverse flowing, and pass through the elements, the particle filter cake on the element surface will be cleaned.


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