Air Water Separator Filter

Air Water Separator Filter
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1.Air water separator filter Introduction

In the oil-water separation process shell is equipped with coalescence cartridges and separation cartridges, when the medium flows through its internal then there will be four processes-filtration, coalescence, settlement, separation, so as to realize the removal of moisture, medium alkali and organic acid salt soluble in water and etc.



Media first from the inside to the outside flows through the coalescence cartridges, this cartridges has a special double function of filtration and coalescence, High precision filtering layer of innermost coalescence cartridges can effectively block the particle impurities, especially intercept impurity which has emulsification stability state such as iron oxide and iron sulfide etc. also better for subsequent demulsification and coalescence function, After filtering medium will flows into coalescence demulsification layer, its’ special material can do demulsification then fine and free water will form large drop, Large drops will sink by its’ gravity, smaller size drop will flow with media into separation cartridges, Separation cartridges is made by the patent technology materials with good hydrophobic performance. when the medium from the inside to outside flows separation cartridges, only let media pass by, small droplets are completely effectively intercepted by cartridges outside then coalesce into large drops thus further separated off water.


Liquid-liquid coalescence separator is equipped with two group of different functions cartridges in internal; separator housing is metal housing and equipped with lever gauge, pressure gauge ,vent valve, drain valve, online sample joints and other accessories.