Compressed Air Stainless Steel Nitrogen Filter

Compressed Air Stainless Steel Nitrogen Filter
Product Details

1.Compressed air stainless steel nitrogen Filter Introduction

The natural air filter is pre-filtration vessel strainer in the pipeline system, and widely used in industrial filtration systems and air filtration solution. It has carbon filter and stainless steel filter to separate water or solid from natural gas.


2.Technical features

■ Max work pressure:40.0Mpa 
■ Max temperature: -10~60℃ (please remind when temperature exceed 60℃) 
■ Media: gas, manufactured gas, Liquefied petroleum gas and various non corrosive gas 
■ Made standard: GB150 ASME 
■ Inlet/outlet installation directions: horizontal, vertical

■ Shell material:20#、16Mn、16MnR、16MnDR、304、316L

■ Elements:

■ Elements material: Aluminum+304, fully 304



This brush filter is widely used in cooling water filtration, protect shower nozzle, waste water’s three level treatment, Municipal water reuse, warehouse water treatment, Pre-filtration before RO system,acid pickling,White water filtration of paper, Injection molding machine; Pasteurization system; Vacuum pump system; Air compressor system; Continuous casting system; Water treatment application; The cooling system of heating and heating.