Fuel Gas Strainer

Fuel Gas Strainer
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1.Fuel gas strainer Introduction

In the oil-water separation process shell is equipped with coalescence cartridges and separation cartridges, when the medium flows through its internal then there will be four processes-filtration, coalescence, settlement, separation, so as to realize the removal of moisture, medium alkali and organic acid salt soluble in water and etc.


2.Working principle

The water which needs to be filtered flows into the shell through the lower bottom of the filter and enters the lumen of the filter elements through the rotary table from bottom to top and be drained out through the filter elements. The filtered clean water flows out from the upper outlet of the filter. Solid impurities are trapped in the inner side of filter elements. While in the process of backwashing, no need of cutting off the water. Motor drives filter wheel rotating and the drain valve was opened at the same time. Each filter elements will be backwashed by the filtered clean water in turns.

The pressure difference between the water pressure in the filter and the atmospheric pressure can make filtration liquid flows reversely so that the intercept impurity on inner face of the filter element can be removed. After the wheel rotates a round, backwashing process is over. When backwashing valve closed and drive motor stops.