Gas Fuel Filter

Gas Fuel Filter
Product Details

1.Gas fuel filter Introduction

The natural air filter is pre-filtration vessel strainer in the pipeline system, and widely used in industrial filtration systems and air filtration solution. It has carbon filter and stainless steel filter to separate water or solid from natural gas.



■ Excellent cake discharge.

■ Adapts readily to slurry thickening.

■ Minimum floor space.

■ Mechanically simple since there are no complex sealing glands or bearings.

■ Wet and dry discharge

■ The filtered solids are dewatered and discharged by gas blow-back, filter cake can be used for reaction.

■ Continuous thickening

3.Our service

a.We provide free technical service about brush filter and application issues.

b.Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory.

c.We provide process design and validation for free.

d.We can guarantee on-time delivery of goods.

e.Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.