Inline Gas Filter

Inline Gas Filter
Product Details

1.Inline gas filter Introduction

It is applied to remove dust, solid particles and rust in gas filtration system. This gas strainers use advanced and reliable air filter cartridge in order to achieve the best performance of cartridge air filter. A wide selection of filter cartridge material, such as ultra fine glass fiber, polyester, multilayer fiber glass, polypropylene, nylon, etc. The option of air filter cartridge selection is based on different working condition, such as filtering media, working temperature, working pressure or DP.  


2.Working Principle

One end of the device using the quick opening blind or blind flanges, open and close when to replace the filter cartridge. Using quick open closure can turn on or off real fast, just need three minute so saving time and avoiding some security risk when replace the filter elements.


■ Gas Dust removing
■ Remove the desiccant particles on drying bed downstream
■ Removal of catalyst particles on catalyst bed downstream
■ For metering and regulating stations
■ For city gas distribution system
■ Protect downstream equipment

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