Seal Water Filter

Seal Water Filter
Product Details

1.Seal water filter Introduction

Seal water filter is widely used in all industry area, which is suitable for filters with 1’’-36’’ pipeline to choose from, with advantages of continuously fluid flow, safety operation simple maintenance. Brush filter can continuous water supply, only less than 5% of the total flow for water for cleaning,2-15 seconds flushing time. Self cleaning brush filter is with high filtration precision, >200μm filtration degree, all kinds of filter mesh which can be chosen.



General Data

Flow rate Range


Filtration Rating


Inlet and outlet size


Design Pressure Class

General type :0.6MPa/1.0MPa/1.6MPa;high pressure type: 2.0MPa/5.0Mpa

Design Temperature

General type:0-95°C;high temperature:250°C;

Filter Area

4970 cm2 - 89530 cm2

Self-cleaning DP


Flange Standard

HG20592-2009(China Standard), ANSI B16.5 Class 150 /300/600 , JIS

Liquid available

River water, lake water ,recycle water, process water, reinjection water, sea water, potable water and etc.

3.Self cleaning filter process

When the differential pressure of inlet and outlet pipeline reaches the presented value, the filter will start the cleaning process. The whole self-cleaning process contains two steps: the drain valve opens; the two stainless steel brushes which is driven by motor inside will brush off impurities which was captured by the mesh and then impurity will be discharged from drain valve.. The whole cleaning process takes about 15 to 60 seconds, while during this time, the filtration system does not stop flowing and controlled by a control box.