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Advantages of all aspects of self-cleaning filters

The self-cleaning filter is currently widely used in the water treatment industry. Its simple design and good performance make the sewage achieve the best filtration effect. The self-cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings such as small dirt absorption, clogging of dirt, detachment and cleaning of the filtering part, and failure to monitor the filter state, and has the functions of filtering the raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging the filter element. Moreover, the system provides uninterrupted water supply when cleaning the sewage, and the working state of the filter can be monitored, and the degree of automation is high.


The self-cleaning filter uses a multi-layer structure, and the patented woven filter with the highest precision of 10 microns is used as the filter medium. The filter mesh is made of stainless steel 316L, which has the advantages of stable filtration effect and corrosion resistance. The self-cleaning filter opens the blowdown valve by the differential pressure switch and drives the cleaning device to remove the suspended impurities on the filter screen. During this cleaning process, the water output is not affected.


Self-cleaning filter has good filtering effect, special patented woven filter mesh ensures effective filtration area and effect; and its recoil effect is good. It adopts point-by-point suction scanning technology, and the reverse water flow velocity at the nozzle can reach several tens of meters per per In seconds, ensure that the filter is 100% clean; the backwash takes less time, only takes about 10 seconds, and the system keeps flowing during cleaning.


Self-cleaning filter is very low cost, stainless steel 316 filter has no direct contact with cleaning mechanism, no wear problem, normal use can be used for at least 10 years, generally does not require maintenance; at the same time, electronic controller can be used according to user requirements; The central control room is connected to realize remote monitoring and automatically record the number of cleanings.http://www.inocofiltration.com/