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Advantages of external scraper self-cleaning filter compared to internal scraping

Jun 29, 2019

With the continuous advancement of industrialization in China, scraper self-cleaning filters have been widely used in the industrial field. The self-cleaning filter scraper can be scraped with multiple sets of fits and attached to the surface of the filter element, and the scraping effect is good; the scraper material can be made of stainless steel and scraped inside because of the angle problem. If a stainless steel scraper is used, the filter element is severely worn.


After the self-cleaning filter cylinder is larger than 400, the cleaning discharge amount is significantly smaller than the internal scraping type. External scraping reduces the waste of materials; after the cylinder is larger than 400, the scraper system of the outer scraper is still in place. After the inner scraper is large, the scraper and the filter can not be very precisely fitted. Even if the machining accuracy is reached, the fixing between the shaft and the scraper may increase the deformation due to the length.


The inner filter blade self-cleaning filter element is processed and fixed. Because of the need of the fit of the retaining ring and the floor, the actual tolerance is unavoidable due to the machining tolerances and assembly tolerances, and the scraper and the filter element cannot be completely fitted. The scraping is not clean; the outer scraping filter and scraper assembly can be over-processed as a whole after assembly to minimize errors.


The inner scraping drive shaft is long relative to the outer scraper, and the longer the shaft, the easier it is to deform, again affecting the fitting accuracy. The scraper assembly of the outer scraper is a fixed unit, the drive shaft portion is short, deformation and error are not caused by the shaft, and deformation does not cause additional wear on the shaft seal.ww.inocofiltration.com