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Advantages of laminated automatic backwash filter centrifugal disc design

Through the in-depth study of the laminated automatic backwashing filter, the unique centrifugal disk technology has been designed to help users to spend less, save energy and save water. As the core component of the filter, the grooved filter laminate enables more thorough surface and deep filtration for precise and safe filtration.


The spiral disk in the laminated automatic backwash filter produces a unique centrifugal effect, so that large particles in the water are smashed on the inner wall of the filter away from the laminate before entering the filter laminate for depth filtration. The centrifugal effect built into this disc filter greatly reduces the cleaning frequency of the filter laminations, achieving the goal of lower cost maintenance and water saving of the filter.


During operation, water flows through the inlet of the lamination automatic backwash filter, and the filter cartridge piston compresses the laminations. The unique centrifugal disc of the primary filter of the centrifugal disc is located at the bottom of the filter. When the water flow enters the filter in contact with the tangential direction of the plastic blade of the centrifugal disk, the centrifugal effect generated causes water carrying large particle impurities to smash on the inner wall of the filter and concentrate on the top of the filter. Water with less impurities and then contact with the filter laminate greatly reduces the cleaning frequency required for the laminate, achieving a simpler solution for water saving and equipment maintenance.


When the cleaning stage of a filter unit enters the end, the filter cartridge piston of the laminated automatic backwash filter returns to the original position, and the laminate is pressed to start a new round of filtration. At the same time, the next filter unit enters the backwash phase.