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Air Filter Filtration Efficiency The implementation of standards and the number of air filters

The air filter, literally understood, is a type of filter used to filter air, called an air filter. So, this kind of filter, which knowledge should be mastered, before they can be used correctly, and at the same time, to ensure good results? The following, will address this issue, this kind of filter learning and understanding, so that it can also make the product in use, good economic benefits, to avoid waste.


1. Air filter, which has a smell after use for some time, what is the reason?

Air filter, in the course of its use, is to filter out the dust and particulate impurities in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. The air in the dirt, it is retained in the filter material. Therefore, after prolonged use of the filter, the dirt on the filter material will be mildewed and spoiled, which will cause odor, so odor will be generated on the air filter. So, should be regularly cleaned or replaced, to avoid the above problems.


2. In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of air filters, the high environmental requirements? Also, what is a HEPA filter?

In the pharmaceutical industry, if an air filter is used, there is a high demand for environmental requirements. So, can not be sloppy and relaxed. The HEPA filter, which is a dry, high-efficiency air filter that can be processed, is made of laminated, thin sheets of borosilicate microfibers.


3. Air filter efficiency, the reference standard is what? Whether to strictly enforce?

Air filter filter efficiency, which is a reference and the implementation of standards, is GB / T14295-93 "air filter" and GB13554-92 "high efficiency air filter" these two. Moreover, these two criteria should be strictly enforced. They should not be sloppy. What's more, you need to be aware of the need to periodically clean up so that impurities in the air do not deposit on the filter material and, in turn, affect the quality of the filter.


4. Air filter, the general number of air filter?

The number of air filters in the air filter can be one or several, depending on the actual situation and requirements. Its role is to filter out harmful impurities in the air, and then delay the wear and tear of these components such as qigong, pistons, piston rings and valves.http://www.inocofiltration.com/