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Air filters are distinguished from air purifiers and efficient classification.

May 04, 2018

Air filter, it is one of the filters, and also is a common and common types of filters, so for all of us, this is must be familiar with and understand the types of filters, and to do comprehensive and specific, in this way, can let oneself have learned something, and ensure better learning effect, in turn, will have flexible use of knowledge to the practical work, oneself also can benefit from it.

1. Air filter, can it be used to remove peculiar smell?

Air filter, its main is the function of filtering, so it can be used to remove peculiar smell, and want to achieve this goal, the general can use two kinds of filter material, one is the use of activated carbon, or in order to improve the using effect, using activated carbon with potassium permanganate. Second, it is to use the titanium dioxide photocatalyst screen supporting UV ultraviolet lamp, to achieve the purpose.

2. Are there any differences between air filters and air purifiers?

Air filters and air purifiers are obviously different, because one is a filter and the other is a purifier, although there is air purification. Moreover, air purifiers are self-looping, and air filters are for separate, efficient air supply outlets without self-circulation.

3. Self-cleaning air filter, the outlet of its clean air chamber is connected with what is the air compressor?

Self-cleaning air filter, its net exports of gas chamber, from a professional point of view, is connected to the entrance of the air compressor, so that under the effect of negative pressure suction processing in atmospheric air, and then through the air filter filter, etc., can be directly use after get clean air, the desired want using purpose and using effect.

4. Can the high efficiency air filter in air filter be reclassified?

Air filter, there is a high efficiency air filter this one, and this kind of air filter, is can be classified, in general, it can be divided into a diaphragm type, diaphragm type and combined the three. Among them, there are diaphragm type high efficiency air filter, which is divided into aluminum partition and paper partition. In addition, in high efficiency air filters, there are high - temperature high - efficiency air filters.http://www.inocofiltration.com/