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Air shower air filter is not good for maintenance, there will be some situations

Oct 31, 2019

The air filter for the air shower is mainly a high-efficiency filter, which is generally used in a clean room. It provides better clean air for clean rooms of different sizes and different cleanliness levels, improves the cleanliness level and reduces indoor noise. And vibration, greatly reducing the cost of the clean room, and the installation and maintenance of the equipment is also very convenient, is one of the ideal facilities for a clean environment. The following is a description of the north filter to explain that the air shower air filter is not good for maintenance.


And if we are not good at maintenance, the air shower room may also have the following problems after using the replacement time:

First, black spots appear around the air supply opening of the air shower.

Second, the air in the air shower is dirty and the staff feel unwell.

Third, the fan duct damper pipe and other components in the air shower room have serious ash accumulation and odor.

Fourth, the air volume and cold/heat treatment amount after the system is running continuously are low, and it is difficult to meet the filtering demand.

Fifth, the high-efficiency filter resistance in the air shower room is too large, and it needs to be replaced even in 1-2 years.

Sixth, the primary filter in the air shower room will not continue to rise even if it is not cleaned, mainly because the equipment is limited to block dust.

Have you ever encountered any problems with the air filter of these air showers? Many times we need to understand the causes of these problems and the basic processing methods, which are very helpful for our practical use.