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Application effect of self cleaning filter in production

Nov 14, 2018

With the development of China's economy, all walks of life are developing at a rapid pace, but no matter what enterprises need a lot of water resources, this is beyond doubt. Many enterprises directly quote from rivers and lakes, but the impurities in the water will greatly reduce the efficiency and quality of production. Therefore, many companies now use self cleaning filter s to filter the raw water and then quote it. The purpose of high efficiency and high quality.


Power plants, steel, metallurgy, chemical and other enterprises need to take water directly from rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and underground due to the needs of production processes. These waters generally contain a lot of solid impurities such as sediment, leaves, lions and small fish. To ensure the accuracy of the water supply and protect the water equipment of the lower level, a filter is required.


Originally, the Y-type filter was set up. Although this filter can filter out most of the impurities, it has the disadvantages of low filtration precision, small flow area and large pressure loss. More importantly, the raw water quality is generally Poor, more impurities, if the filter is to be cleaned, the system needs to be shut down, and the removed filter element can be cleaned, thus ensuring the continuity of the water supply system, which will affect the production efficiency and greatly increase the production cost, such as Problems such as self cleaning filter s can be solved.


The self cleaning filter  not only can actively intercept and filter these impurities, but also automatically cleans the filter and automatically discharges according to the pressure difference and cleaning time set by the control system. Therefore, the self cleaning filter  has been successfully used in a large number of customers' water systems. It not only ensures the continuity and stability of the water supply system, but also the self cleaning filter  can achieve complete automation, thus improving the automation of the system. The labor input is reduced, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the production cost of the enterprise is reduced, and the economic benefit of the enterprise is increased.http://www.inocofiltration.com/