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Application of backwashing filter in garbage infiltration treatment

May 20, 2019

High-concentration organic wastewater poses a threat to China's precious water resources. The backwash filter effectively filters high-concentration wastewater and combines existing biological treatment methods with self-cleaning filters. Backwashing filter biological filtration is used in landfill leachate treatment. This method is the most commonly used. Especially the backwashing filter biological treatment of leachate has relatively low operating cost, high processing efficiency, and no chemical sludge. It causes secondary pollution and is widely used in countries all over the world.


Backwash filters are also commonly used in reverse osmosis in landfill diafiltration and are commonly used in the post-treatment of leachate because they are capable of removing medium molecular weight dissolved organics. The reverse osmosis process of backwashing filter has the characteristics of high efficiency, modular management and automatic control characteristics, which effectively solves the difficult problems in the treatment of landfill leachate, improves the material retention efficiency of small molecular weight, and reduces the high concentration of organic matter or The disadvantages of inorganic deposits in the structure of a fully automatic backwash filter.


Due to the large change in the amount of leachate, especially in the rainy season, the general landfill uses pipes to discharge excess leachate into a reserved pool and then use a backwash filter for filtration. Different landfills vary greatly in water quality for different reasons. Therefore, when filtering leachate in the same field, first consider the filtering function of various filters. www.inocofiltration.com