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Application principle of backwashing filter on hydraulic support

Sep 27, 2018

More and more high-yield and high-efficiency "electro-hydraulic control systems" are used in coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment-hydraulic supports, which greatly improves production efficiency and mechanization. Hydraulic supports generally use traditional filtration methods, so once the system is contaminated, it needs The filter element is replaced several times during the shutdown, and the subsequent operation cost is high. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the backwash filter to the hydraulic support.


The two-component 11-double skeleton stainless steel filter element assembly of the backwash filter is placed in the valve body in parallel and parallel. When the two handle assemblies are in parallel position, the liquid entering the filter is sequentially passed through the corresponding support pads. Rotate the reversing ball and the diverter ring into the left and right filter chambers respectively, and then sequentially flow the outer frame of the filter element assembly, the filter screen, the inner skeleton, the support sleeve, the flow channel to meet, and finally flow out.


The backwashing filter has the function of backwashing, cleaning the dirt in one of the filter chambers, such as the left filter chamber, rotating the left handle assembly clockwise by 90°, the handle drives the rotating shaft, rotates the reversing ball, and the 90° step Rotate 90°. At this time, the reversing ball is rotated to block the liquid flowing from the Pi into the left filter chamber, and at the same 90°, the left filter chamber is connected to the left drain port.


Under the action of hydraulic pressure, a small part of the clean liquid filtered through the right filter chamber passes through the support sleeve of the left filter chamber, the inner skeleton, the filter screen, the outer skeleton, the shunt ring, the 90° rotating reversing ball, and the sewage in the opposite direction. Mouth joint, dirt removal filter. The filter screen of the backwashing filter is cleaned, the filtering capacity is restored, and the handle is rotated to the working position, and the cleaning is completed once