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Automatic backflush filter with high effectively ability of pollution treatment

Sep 16, 2019

Automatic back flush is special filter with good filtration effect, especially for natural pigment filtration. In the process of production, it will produce mass of waste water, which contains a lot of organics suspended and pigment. Organics mainly contain coarse pigment,lactic acid, cellulose,hemicellulose and others. If it is not treated, and will have bad effect on environment, so backwash filter is important to process the impurities in the waste water.  

backwash filter can be directly intercepted the impurities in the water, for example, the impurity in the waste water in production of natural pigment, such as suspended solids, particulate matter, etc,which will have the performance to purify the water, reduce the system dirt,bacteria and algae,corrosion,etc in order to purify the water quality and the function of protection system.

As for the automatic backwash filter is adopted with several filter element, so it will achieve larger effective filter area, smaller differential pressure. At the same time, it is fitted with manhole to assembly filter element conveniently. Especially for automatic control system, it can depended on the actual situation of the user to set the parameters of the system.  

The treated water quality with backwash filter can reach the standard of waste water discharge stipulated by the state to protect the environment effectively. Besides, the water with the filter’s treatment, which can be reused and recycled used to save the water source effectively.   

It turns out that automatic backwash filters use differential pressure to self operation and self clean without down time with high automatic run and small differential pressure, and without manually removing filter cake. So after the backflush filter treatment of natural pigment in the waste water has been effectively solved,this filters have strong ability of pollution, and will widely applied in industry and the enterprise.