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Back-washing Filter has powerful and effective pollution control ability

Feb 22, 2019

The Back-washing Filter is a unique filtration device that provides good filtration, especially for natural pigment filtration. In the process of producing natural pigments, a large amount of waste water is produced, which contains a large amount of organic suspended solids and pigments. The organic matter mainly contains crude pigments, lactic acid, cellulose, hemicellulose, etc., and these substances will cause environmental damage if left untreated. Impact, so the Back-washing Filter is very important for the treatment of impurities in the wastewater.


The filter of the Back-washing Filter can directly intercept the impurities in the water, and will produce impurities in the waste water generated by the natural pigment, such as suspended matter, particulate matter, etc., thereby purifying the water quality, thereby reducing system fouling, algae, and corrosion. It is produced to purify the water and protect the system.


Since the Back-washing Filter is filtered by a plurality of filter cartridges, the effective filtering area is large and the pressure loss is small; at the same time, the access hole is provided, and the loading and unloading filter cartridge is convenient; especially the automatic program control can be set according to the actual situation of the user site. Set the parameters of the system.


The water quality after the Back-washing Filter has reached the national standard for wastewater discharge, effectively protecting the environment. In addition, the water source treated by the Back-washing Filter can be reused and recycled, so that water resources can be effectively saved.


It is proved from the above fact that the Back-washing Filter self-operates and self-cleans by using water pressure, and does not stop the filtration during cleaning, not only has high automation degree, small pressure loss, but also does not need to manually remove the filter residue, so after being treated by the Back-washing Filter The natural pigment wastewater has been effectively solved, which fully demonstrates that this filter has a powerful and effective pollution control capability, which is bound to be widely concerned and popularized by enterprises.www.inocofiltration.com