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Backwash filter agent is quickly distributed to which parts of the wastewater

Mar 30, 2019

The mixing is mainly to quickly distribute the backwashing filter agent to various parts of the wastewater, and the water and the agent are rapidly mixed to reduce or eliminate the stability of the colloidal particles in the water. Mixing requires intense and short agitation, which works best. The reaction phase is to promote the collision of colloidal particles that have lost stability. The colloidal particles of the wastewater have initially agglomerated and produced fine flocs. Then it is big and becomes flocs and flocs.


The reaction takes a long time and should be stirred gently. When the floc is mature, it flows into the sedimentation tank or flotation cell for solid-liquid separation. Backwashing the filter, but in order for the floc particles to sink or float quickly, it must be of sufficient particle size and sufficient strength, so the reaction stage is to create conditions to obtain a higher quality floc.


The mixing equipment in the backwashing filter should meet the following conditions. First, the water flow should have a proper degree of turbulence, create good collision opportunities and adsorption conditions for the fine flocs, and prevent the larger flocs from sinking. As the knot is large, the degree of water turbulence should be gradually reduced to prevent breakage.


Secondly, it is necessary to ensure a certain reaction time. In order to obtain large-quality high-quality flocs, the flocculation unity needs a certain growth time, the reaction time varies with the water quality, and the reaction time is too long, although the number of particle collisions can be increased. Helps grow large flocs, but increases the volume of the reaction tank.www.inocofiltration.com