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Backwash filter installation note

Nov 21, 2017

Filter specifications should be matched with the installation of pipelines, when the filter flow can not meet the requirements of the pipeline, two (or more) filter can be installed in parallel, or do the next filter.

The filter should be installed in the system to be protected as far as possible, the impact of low pressure inlet, and therefore should be installed near the source of pressure.

The filter should be installed in the pipeline system in series. In order to ensure uninterrupted water supply during downtime, it is suggested that a bypass be set in the system, and the cut-off ball valve should be set for the import, export and bypass of the filter. Where there is a risk of backflow, a check valve should be installed at the outlet of the filter.

When the selection note that the water flowing through the automatic self-cleaning filter does not exceed its temperature.

Installation site with three-phase AC 380V power frequency (three-phase four-wire system). Sewer pipe does not exceed 5 meters, to avoid back pressure.

DC system attention to filter accuracy, pretreatment, pressure matters, caution intermittent system timing control type.

Reasonable choice of installation environment, pay attention to waterproof, rain, moisture.

Note: The backwash system stops running for a long time or stops seasonally. Before stopping the system, put proper amount of corrosion inhibitor in the water and adopt measures of full water wet protection to reduce corrosion and protect the system.