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Backwash filter routine maintenance methods

Backwash filter is a system used to control pollution of the main equipment, so in the industrial sector is widely used. For the backwash filter, its performance is important, but to maintain the superior performance of the equipment has been maintained, as important as routine maintenance.


In order for the backwash filter to have a good working efficiency and an ideal working life, it is necessary not only to maintain it regularly, but also to maintain it in the correct manner. However, many people have many misunderstandings about the routine maintenance of the backwash filter, which can not only effectively prevent the backwash filter, but also play a counter-productive role.


If the backwash filter has a bypass valve, many people think that the backwash filter's bypass valve system and relief valve have the same effect due to a misunderstanding of the bypass valve. In fact, if not the requirements of job continuity is particularly high, try not to choose with bypass valve backwash filter. Once used, it is necessary to promptly clean the replacement filter to ensure reliable operation of the system.


There are many people that the performance of backwash filters superior or not and the life of the backwash filter has a direct joy, but in fact only in ensuring the quality of work and to ensure system cleanliness of the case, can be said that the longer life expectancy The better.


Backwash filter is the delivery of an indispensable medium on the pipeline, which has a certain size filter cartridge, the impurities are blocked. When the need to clean, as long as the removable cartridge removed, re-loading can be handled, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.http://www.inocofiltration.com