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Backwash filter solves industrial wastewater treatment problems in all industries

Dec 06, 2018

The backwash filter has a fully automatic backwash filter and a manual backwash filter. Because of its high intelligence, small footprint and good filtration effect,this device is widely used in industrial sewage treatment, agricultural sewage treatment, municipal sewage treatment ,aquaculture wastewater treatment and other fields,

Backwash filters are widely used in drinking water treatment, building circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining water treatment, golf course water treatment, construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, power generation, textile, paper, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastics, automotive industry and other fields.


In the steel industry, the backwash filter is used for raw material field, water treatment and filtration of sintered pellet plant, cooling water filtration of blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, etc., and impurity filtration of high pressure water phosphorus removal system. Ensure that these links are carried out in a safe and orderly manner. It can be used in coating production lines, water treatment systems in automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, and engines.


In the power plant, the backwash filter is used for the precision pretreatment part of the high-purity water preparation of the power plant boiler, and the filtration of the generator cooling water and the sealing water is used as the side filter treatment and the full filtration treatment when the water consumption of the 13-4 system is extremely large. In the petrochemical industry, the backwash filter is side-filtered in the circulating water field, and the single-machine or multi-machine type can be connected in parallel to replace the filter material to reduce the filtration load of the filter material, thereby avoiding a large amount of flushing water consumption. Reduce the floor space, greatly reduce equipment costs, greatly reduce equipment operating costs, save time and effort and labor.www.inocofiltration.com