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Backwash filter specifications and installation

Oct 24, 2018

The specification of the backwash filter should be matched with the installation pipeline. When the filter flow cannot meet the pipeline requirements, two or more filters can be installed in parallel or side by side. However, when selecting the type, the temperature of the water flowing through the fully automatic self-cleaning filter should not exceed its adaptation temperature.


The backwash filter should be installed as far as possible in the place where the system is to be protected. The inlet low pressure is used, so it should be installed close to the pressure source. When the backwash filter is installed in series in the pipeline system, in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply during shutdown maintenance, it is recommended to provide bypass in the system, and the filter ball valve should be set at the inlet, outlet and bypass of the filter. Where there is a possibility of backflow, a check valve should be installed at the filter outlet.


In order to ensure the normal use of the backwashing filter, the installation site should have three-phase 380V power frequency AC; the sewage pipe should not exceed 5 meters to avoid back pressure; the DC system should pay attention to the filtration accuracy, pretreatment, pressure matters, and the intermittent system should be used with caution. Timing control type; reasonable choice of installation environment, pay attention to waterproof, rain, moisture.


Since the backwash filter has been commissioned before leaving the factory, the user can run it directly while in use. When the operating parameters of the equipment can not meet the requirements of the user, the user can set various parameters according to the actual working conditions, and select manual control and automatic control mode to work.http://www.inocofiltration.com/