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Backwash filter to improve the effect

With the scarcity of water resources and increasingly serious water pollution, people are increasingly demanding their living environment and quality, and wastewater treatment and recovery have gradually become an important part of industrial production and residents' life. Since the launch of the backwash filter, we can solve the problem of wastewater treatment and reuse, to achieve good economic and social benefits.


The existing backwash filter completely rely on the pressure of the filtrate to provide self-cleaning power, no need to stop in the process of cleaning filter elements, making the machine smaller and adjustable accuracy, which is suitable for low viscosity liquid solid material filtration, at Metallurgical, chemical, paper, urban water supply and other fields widely used.


As a fully automatic filter with precise filtration, efficient backwashing, reliable operation, simple maintenance and long service life, the backwash filter can be used as a bypass filter or a main filter in use. Liquid from the inlet into the pipeline, through the backwash valve into the filter head, the filtered liquid from the outlet outflow.


When reaching a certain pressure or time, the backwash filter system automatically into the backwash state; at the same time the controller controls the two-way three-way backwash valve to change the flow direction, turn on the sewage pipe, making the sewage discharged from the outfall, Complete the effective treatment of wastewater.


In fact, the structure of the backwash filter has been improved, mainly manifested as the filter connection and outlet structure improvement and filter head placement improvements. Specifically, two filter elements in the backwash filter are connected in parallel, and the parts of the two filter elements are of the same size for easy replacement.


And the backwash filter filtrate outlet and left and right two support units connected to ensure that all the liquid at the exit from the outlet. In addition to the filter head from the vertical placed instead of horizontal, so you can avoid uneven distribution of liquid phenomenon.http://www.inocofiltration.com/