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Backwash filter works

Water enters through the inlet, first through the coarse filter to filter out larger particles of impurities, and then to the fine filter. In the filtering process, fine filter gradually accumulate water dirt, impurities, the formation of filtration impurity layer, deposited by the impurity layer within the fine filter inside, so fine filter inside and outside the formation of a pressure difference .

When the filter pressure reaches the preset value, it will start the automatic cleaning process, during which the water supply continues to flow, the cleaning valve is opened, the water pressure in the cleaning chamber and the suction drastic drop, through the cartridge and the sewer Pressure difference between the suction pipe and the cleaning chamber through the suction nozzle to produce a suction, forming a suction process. At the same time, the electric motor drives the suction pipe to make helical movement in the axial direction. The combination of axial movement and rotary movement of the suction cleaner completely cleans the entire inner surface of the screen. The entire flushing process only takes dozens of seconds. Drain valve closed at the end of cleaning. The filter begins to prepare for the next flush cycle.