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Backwashing process and self-configuration of the backwash filter

The backwashing filter backwashing process is firstly driven by the geared motor through the intermediate shaft to drive the flushing arm, and the photoelectric positioning switch controls the angle of rotation of the flushing arm to be aligned with the screen to be cleaned; then the drain valve is opened to enable the filter to be cleaned. A pressure difference is formed between the outside of the net and the sewage; under the action of the pressure difference, the clean side liquid flows from the outside to the inside of the screen to be backwashed, and the pollutant accumulated in the inside of the screen is washed away and passes through the drain. Drain the filter.


Since the backwashing time of each filter of the backwashing filter is set, when the backwashing setting time is reached, the drain valve is closed, the backwashing process of the screen ends, and the geared motor drives the flushing arm to rotate again. The next filter is backwashed, the drain valve is opened again, and so on for each filter.


After the cleaning of all the filters of the backwashing filter is completed, the flushing arm returns to the original position under the control of the photoelectric switch, and a backwashing cycle ends; since the backwashing is a screen flushing process of the screen, the backwashing is performed. During the process, the filter still maintains the filtered state of the liquid stream.


The backwash filter itself is equipped with a color liquid crystal display, which can display the inlet and outlet pressures and differential pressure curves as well as the working state under various working conditions of the equipment. At the same time, the backwashing time can be automatically controlled and optimized. The commissioning program makes the differential pressure the most reasonable; and relies on the high-sensitivity infrared radiation control to increase the rotation of the rotating arm by a factor of six, thereby reducing the recoil time and the amount of recoil.http://www.inocofiltration.com/