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Bag filter blockage reasons and solutions

Apr 24, 2019

According to the working principle of the bag filter, the inside of the bag is supported by a metal mesh basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet, is filtered through the filter bag and flows out from the outlet. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag, and the filter bag can be used after being replaced.

So what is the cause of its blockage?

1. Filter bag is poorly cleaned

It is understood that if the bag filter is frequently cleaned or the cleaning time is too long, resulting in excessive pressure of the device, it is easy to loosen the fiber structure of the filter bag and increase the fine dust in the flue gas to block the filter bag. In addition, if the cleaning time is too long, the initial powder layer on the surface of the filter bag will be washed away, resulting in a decrease in the filtration accuracy of the filter bag. The cleaning time is too short, the dust on the surface of the filter bag is not completely cleaned, and then the filtration is started, and the dust gradually accumulates on the surface of the filter bag, which also causes the filter bag to be clogged.

2. Contains moisture

Moisture is the main cause of blockage of the filter bag. The cause of moisture is usually condensation at low temperatures, especially when dealing with high temperature flue gases. Therefore, avoid improper start-up; avoid turning on when the dust collector is strong; turn it on below the dew point.

3. Air infiltration

It is reported that air infiltration often occurs in the dust collector's flange, access door or dust collector's mobile device. If the seal is not strict, the outside air enters the dust collector. When high temperature flue gas is treated, a low temperature zone is generated inside the dust collector. It causes condensation at low temperatures, corrodes the dust collector, and causes the bag or the knot of the filter bag.

4. Filtering wind speed is too high

It is understood that if the design standard of the filter wind speed ultrafiltration bag operated by the precipitator will also cause the fine dust in the flue gas to enter the inside of the filter bag fiber, the filter bag blockage resistance increases. Can be coated with filter material, coated filter material or pre-ashed on the surface of the filter bag.www.inocofiltration.com