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Bag filter correctly responds to strong acid and alkali corrosion materials

Jul 18, 2018

The bag filter designed and manufactured by professional manufacturers, all parts are standard models, the production of filters can be produced according to the water line, or can be produced according to the pressure vessel GB150-1998 standard. The shell material has a variety of options, including 304, 316L, fluorine-lined, alloy materials.


The bag filter has two types of flanges and threads: the ring head bolt is very easy to disassemble and clean; it is suitable for 1# and 2# filter bags. When the bag filter encounters a corrosive material such as strong acid and alkali, it is necessary to use a ppr plastic filter or a stainless steel bag filter which is resistant to strong acid and alkali, and is internally lined with fluorine.


Responding to strong acid and alkali materials, the price of plastic single bag filter is much lower, the pressure resistance is high, and the price of stainless steel lining is relatively high. For plastic multi-bag filters, the pressure resistance is only 2-3 kg, compared to 10 kg for stainless steel multi-bag filters. Therefore, in the choice, we still use different materials according to the actual working conditions.