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Bag filter dust collector automatic control technology reform is imperative

With the improvement of the national atmospheric emission standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness among all, bag filters play an important role in the treatment of industrial dust, and the automatic control technologies associated with them have naturally become a necessary condition for continuous improvement and promotion of the equipment.


On the one hand, the control requirements of the filtration process are getting higher and higher. On the other hand, the plant management, control of the network, and information have brought new requirements for the control of the dust removal system. At the same time, control theory, computer technology, and network technology are rapidly developing. New theories and technologies are constantly emerging, and they are quickly applied to the control of production processes.


From these perspectives, it is imperative to apply automatic control of bag filters to intelligent controls, computer networks, and expert systems. First of all, the filtration equipment requires the same level of control equipment as the main production process equipment, as well as unified management and maintenance.


Since production and environmental protection are two inseparable subjects, production equipment must run to meet environmental protection requirements, and bag filters become an important part of the production process. In addition, from the aspect of operation management and maintenance, in order to save manpower resources and costs, the unified management of boiler equipment and process equipment makes it no longer designed the control room separately, which requires that the hardware, software and main process equipment of the dust removal equipment control be unified.


In the past, the control of the bag filter was always a simple and rough control method, and the ash control generally used the timing control or the constant pressure difference control method. However, these control methods are still relatively low in terms of control theory. To make the filter system always operate in its optimal working condition, it is necessary to explore new control methods.http://www.inocofiltration.com/