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Bag filter filtration process and installation instructions

Bag filter includes filter container, support basket and filter bag three major components, when we use it to filter the liquid, the liquid will be from the side or below the filter into the liquid into the mouth, from the support basket Filter bag into the top of the filter bag.


Bag filter bags due to the impact of liquid and uniform pressure surface expansion, making the liquid material in the entire surface of the filter bag to be evenly distributed through the bag of liquid along the metal support basket wall, the bottom of the filter liquid Port discharge; and filter out the impurities are trapped in the filter bag, to complete the filtration process.


When the bag filter is installed, it needs to be placed in the station to be filtered, and connected to the inlet and outlet flanges or tube teeth to be fixed; followed by stuffy bag filter exhaust vent or Exhaust valve configuration, making the jacket type heat insulation.


Then the metal mesh into the bag filter gently, so that the network collar and bag filter mouth coincide, if the use of sewn bag filter, the filter bag sewn edge folded into, you can Improve the filter effect of sewn filter bag. Followed by the O-ring into the O-groove, O-ring can not be distorted or deformed, multi-bag filter buckle bag pressure ring.


At this time, you can hold the lid handle in one hand and grasp the other end of the lid in the other hand. Align the lid with the bag filter mouth and slowly lower it. Press it down naturally on the O-ring and the filter bag ring mouth. Alignment of the cover, while tightening the two diagonal caps, all the caps will be tightened one by one on it.http://www.inocofiltration.com/