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Bag filter in different sectors of the application

Jan 24, 2018

With outstanding filtration effect, bag filter has a wide range of applications in various fields, first of all in the paint filtration processing, specifically related to the electrophoretic paint filtration, ultrafiltration protection filtration, degreasing filtration process, filtration of phosphating liquid , Electrophoretic paint degreasing, filter metal pigments, varnishes and so on.


Second, the metal processing is often used bag filter, its role is to complete the oil filter, coolant circulation filter; recovery of precious metals; filter the workpiece phosphating solution; cleaning, ultrafine grinding oil filter oil; cutting fluid , Cleaning fluid degreasing and so on.


To the electronics industry, the filter cooling water, electrolytic copper foil to clear the stability of the tank impurities, pure water filter, chemical slurry filtration, chip grinding wastewater recycling filter, PCB printing ink printing, copper foil before the membrane filter cartridge Also used in manufacturing are bag filters.


Water treatment industry is one of the bag filter applications, purification air conditioning system can filter bag filter to remove water pipes or calcification of impurities; can also filter wastewater treatment chemicals to achieve ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane guide protection .


In addition, the bag filter can also be applied to the petrochemical industry, used to filter lubricants, petroleum and other products, such as the separation of benzene polymer, catalyst recovery, catalytic slurry filtration, filter open the barrel of raw materials, interception of carbon ink and help Filters, filtered acrylic resin emulsions and the like.http://www.inocofiltration.com/