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Bag filter installation steps

1, the bag filter to be placed in the filter station, connecting the import and export of flange or tube teeth, to be fixed; stuffy blocking vent, or exhaust valve configuration. Jacket-type insulation heat source.

2, the metal mesh into the bag filter gently, so that the network collar and bag filter mouth match.

3, place the filter bag so that the mouth of the filter bag ring and metal mesh collar fit.

4, the O-ring into the O-groove, O-ring can not be distorted or deformed, bag filter bag buckle pressure ring.

5, holding the lid handle in one hand, the other end of the cover with one hand (multi-bag filter turn the top hand wheel)

6, the cover alignment, while tightening the two diagonal caps, all caps one by one tighten (with a short rod into the rings tight).

7, close the bag filter installed in the top of the exhaust valve.

8, please check the connection pipe is solid; work pressure is within the allowable range.

9, open the output valve. Open the heat into the valve, the filter temperature rose to the specified temperature.

10, open the input valve, let the liquid flow slowly and fill the filter to prevent the liquid suddenly impact the filter bag, resulting in rupture, and then observe whether there is leakage. If no leaks, you can start filtering.