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Bag filter operation method

Nov 21, 2017

Bag filter structure is designed by the four sets of crampon ring head cap bolt and the cartridge seal lock, so that the filter can withstand extremely high filtration pressure and water hammer pressure shock. Bag filter by the filter cartridge, filter basket, filter bag composed of three parts, the structure is compact and simple; to be filtered liquid into the filter, into the filter bag, after blocking the filter bag, the filter outlet . Bag filter import and export design generally use side into the bottom of the way, easy to clean. Replace the filter bag simple and quick, the first step, first close the inlet valve, open the exhaust valve, so that the pressure inside the filter down to atmospheric pressure; the second step, open the four cap ring bolts on the top cover, open the top cover ; The third step, open the fixed filter bag snap ring, put forward a clogged filter bag, put on a new filter bag; the fourth step, close the top cover, lock the four ring head bolt; the fifth step, open the inlet valve , And other exhaust valve to close the exhaust valve when the liquid flows out. The total process is generally completed in 10-15 minutes. Filter maintenance: Generally when the filter pressure reaches 2-3 kg, the filter bag has been basically blocked, then the filter out of the liquid flow is also very small, this time should be replaced filter bag. Depending on the use of the situation, if the process requires the need to maintain the flow of the filter is not less than half of the maximum flow should be replaced when the pressure drop to 1 kg filter bag. The service life of the filter bag is determined by the turbidity of the raw water, the time of filtration, the flow of filtration, and the filtration area of the filter bag.