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Bag filter precautions

Apr 20, 2019

The particulate dust moves in inertia in the airflow. When the fibers are arranged in disorder, the airflow changes direction, and the particles are bound to the fibers due to the inertia deviating from the direction. The larger the particle, the easier it is to impact, and the better the effect. Small particles of dust make irregular movements. The smaller the particles, the more intense the irregular movements, the more chances of hitting the obstacles and the better the filtering effect.

Regularly check the inlet surface of the filter for any foreign matter blockage or damage to the surface of the filter material; if there is any object blocking the surface, it should be removed; if the surface of the filter material is damaged seriously, it must be replaced with a new filter material or replaced with a new filter. re-install.

When installing the filter, ensure that the sealing edge of the frame is well sealed to prevent air leakage; no heavy objects may be hit against the surface of the filter, and no force may be applied to pull the filter surface of the filter; The length of the filter bag is perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtering effect of the air supply and increase the service life.www.inocofiltration.com