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Bag filter’s advantage

Dec 26, 2017

Bag filter is the normal filtration system, there is a stainless steel filter basket which will support the filter bag inside the filter housing.so when the liquid flow along the inlet nozzle,it will pass the filter bag and then flow out from the outlet, during in the this process,the impurities in the liquid will be trapped effectively in the filter bag and achieve the purpose of filtration. As for the dirt accumulation, only change the filter bag, it can be re use again.   

The bag filter is with advantage of large filtering area, large flow capacity, small volume and capacity of large amount of sludge.

Besides, because of bag filter’s working principle and structure, It is convenient to change the filter bag, and the filter machine is free of cleaning to save time. In addition, the leakage rate of filter bag is small, so the filter quality is effectively guaranteed.

Bag filter can be under higher pressure, small differential pressure,low operation cost, obvious effect of saving energy.

The filtering precision can reach 0.5 micron in recent days,so it can be used widely, flexible use, Various installation methods, which can connected with self cleaning filter, membrane filter and other filtering system to meet different requirements.

So far, the bag filters have applied in the petroleum chemical industry, coating, resin coating, printing ink, food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals, metal processing, industrial and other fields of water treatment.  http://www.inocofiltration.com/