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Brand Jiangsu Goes to the World Forum

Oct 06, 2019

At the "Brand Jiangsu Going Global Forum" held today, Qi Changyu, deputy director of the Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, said that Jiangsu is China's major foreign trade province. In 2005, the province's total import and export volume reached US$228 billion, ranking second in the country. For large foreign trade provinces, the growth of independent export brands is an important factor in the sustainable development of foreign trade. Jiangsu export enterprises have laid a good foundation for capital, technology and management in the international market competition. In particular, they have done a lot of useful explorations in brand development, and have played a leading role in leading companies to take the brand road.

Indeed, the brand economy is the backbone of Jiangsu's development. The development of brand enterprises has driven the economic growth of the province, not only promoting technological improvement, extending the industrial chain, but also forming industrial agglomeration.

Brand companies rationally recognize that brands can show their competitive advantages. In the past, companies that used OEMs began to transform themselves into independent design and production. Xinke Electronics Group pays attention to the cultivation of independent intellectual property rights while at the same time processing the world's OEM processing. The DVD series products exported by independent brands account for more than 40% of the group's products.https://www.inocofiltration.com/