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Combined air filter function and use place

Oct 25, 2019

Combined air filter filter material Ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, waterproof, isolated by continuous thermoplastic, w-shaped distributed in a very tight polystyrene support frame wind; greatly increased filtration in a limited space Area, combined medium efficiency filter is thinner, structurally robust, limited pressure drop and fan energy consumption. The following is a description of the function and use of the combined air filter by the North Filter:


The combined air filter has excellent filtration efficiency for fine particles, mainly capturing 0.3um air dust particles, and the combined non-segmented high-efficiency filter design can reach a maximum air volume of 4200m3 / h, mainly used in high air volume environments.

The combined filter mainly blocks dust particles of 0.5 micron or more, and has the advantages of large filtering area, large dust holding capacity, low load, long length, repeated cleaning and use, etc., and is widely used in central air conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, In the industrial purification of food, electronics, etc., because of the large filtration area of the filter, it has a large dust holding capacity and a low wind speed, and is considered to be the most effective air filter at present.