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Correct installation of self-cleaning filters and use of their microcomputer controls

Since the self-cleaning filter with self-cleaning features and high-profile, and its installation is also very simple, just follow the arrow on the device indicates the direction of water into the pipeline can be. At the same time in the design and installation of self-cleaning filter, we should try to consider the sewage outfall in the lower part, to facilitate the smooth discharge of debris; and drainage pipes near the drain into the drainage, and should maintain smooth discharge.


In order to facilitate the observation of system conditions and daily operation, pressure gauges and manual valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the self-cleaning filter. When discharging, the filter should be flushed for 10-20 seconds by opening and closing the valve according to the sewage discharge. Most existing self-cleaning filters have achieved automatic control, so the device will inevitably use a microcomputer controller.


Self-cleaning filter microcomputer controller also have to comply with the use of the relevant principles, such as the water pressure setting, when the system is running, observe the value of water pressure equipment, and then the value of the water pressure gauge contact is less than Water pressure value 0.06-0.08MPa.


Then the self-cleaning filter in the microcomputer power supply, and the control panel on the power switch is turned on; if the water pressure is lower than the set pressure value, the device remains in working condition, work indicator light, automatic actuator Open the valve plate, blowdown solenoid valve closed.


If the self-cleaning filter outlet pressure is lower than the set pressure, indicating that the backwash state; if the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure, the device to maintain the normal water status.http://www.inocofiltration.com/