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Development trend of non-separator high efficiency air filter

Nov 19, 2019

Non-separator high-efficiency air filter generally requires the use of fully automatic digital folding machine, which has high requirements on production equipment, high production efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, and high cost performance in mass production. Therefore, it will gradually replace high efficiency air filtration with partitions. It has become the mainstream of the purification market. The following is a description of the development trend of non-separator high efficiency air filters by the North Filter:


The specific analysis is as follows:

In the production of high-efficiency air filters with partitions, a large amount of labor is required. At present, domestic labor is cheap, so high-efficiency air filters with partitions still dominate the high-efficiency air filter market. When the labor costs increase, the high efficiency air filter will be the world of high efficiency air filters without partitions.

The chip factory is the largest user of high-performance non-separator filters in the next few years. At present, this part of the domestic market is monopolized by foreign companies. The reason is not manufacturing technology. Nowadays, rich users can buy ready-made imported equipment. When the money is not much, domestic equipment is not bad. The main technical advantages of importing non-separator high efficiency air filters are: testing, raw materials, service and efficiency. .

Internationally, the method of scanning and testing the non-separator high-efficiency air filter has been popularized. In China, it is not a scan test. It is not guaranteed by ordinary tests. A large number of high-efficiency filters without any test flow to the market. What is the competition with foreigners?

High-efficiency air filters without partitions have special requirements for filter paper. The performance of most domestic high-efficiency filter papers is not good. The existing four glass fiber filter paper manufacturers have a total output equivalent to 20% of the output of a five-person paper machine operated by a foreign country. Foreigners mainly pursue their filtration accuracy, and the most basic indicators such as uniformity, strength and water resistance of domestic filter media cannot be guaranteed. Why does the filter factory buy your materials?

With the standardization of market behavior and the change of information dissemination methods, services, especially technical support, will play a significant role in the efficient trading of filters.

In the future competition, who can take the lead in testing, raw material control and service, who can occupy the high-performance non-separator filter market. It’s all very practical work to do now. You don't need to be smart, you don't need to spend a lot of money, you don't need the ambition of "laying the wall for the Great Wall", you just need to do something in a down-to-earth manner. If you are still planning to develop a diaphragmless air filter, you should do some work on testing, material selection, and service.

Of course, in terms of the filter materials mentioned above, the non-separator requirements are higher than those of the separators. If the mass production is lower, the cost will be lower than that of the separators. This is also the main reason why the high-efficiency air filter will occupy the filter market in the future. one of the reasons.