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Element filter installation method

The prerequisites for the normal operation of the Element filter include the installation and control of the equipment, first to introduce the installation of the Element filter, the filter can be thoroughly cleaned before it can import and export of the filtration system connected to the pipeline, the connection Pay attention to the direction, to ensure that the filter for the outside water, the water inside the state.


Then open the plastic bag at the open end of the cartridge filter insert and check that the O-ring is intact and in place. Moisten the O-ring and cartridge receptacle with a suitable wetting agent. Hold the filter cartridge near the end of the O-ring and vertically insert the cartridge insert fully into the cartridge receptacle.


After inserting all the filter elements in the Element filter, remove the filter bag, fasten the pressure plate, and then install the metal cover. At this time, you can open the bleed valve on the top of the housing and slightly open the inlet valve to allow liquid to enter the housing until the liquid has escaped from the bleed valve on the top of the housing, then close the bleed valve.


Followed by slow adjustment open the downstream outlet valve until fully open; the same slowly adjust the open inlet valve until fully open at this time the pressure drop between the Element filter, downstream is 0.02Mpa, which is to determine the initial flow rate Pressure drop.


In addition to installation, control is also important for the use of cartridge filters, including many aspects of differential pressure control, timing control, differential pressure and timing combination control, and manual control. No matter what kind of control, the user must set the technical parameters of the Element filter according to the actual conditions.http://www.inocofiltration.com/