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Excavator filter use maintenance precautions

May 02, 2019

(1) The oil pan of the wet air filter is engraved with the "oil surface" and the arrow mark. The oil in use should be added to the specified height. If the oil in the oil pan is too small, the filter effect is not good, if the oil pan is inside, If there is too much oil, it will be inhaled by the cylinder and will produce carbon deposits. When it is serious, it will cause the engine to "fly".

(2) Regularly change the oil in the oil pan and clean the filter. When the air containing the oil droplets continuously flows through the gold dust filter, the oil droplets on the filter net will gradually increase and increase until it is as large as the filter. The dust flows into the outer oil pan along the inner wall of the air filter casing, and the dust in the outer oil pan gradually descends to the bottom. The upper clean oil is replenished to the inner oil pan, and then rises to the filter with the air, and continues to circulate continuously. The oil constantly plays the role of washing the filter, but after a long period of recycling, the dust deposited in the outer oil pan is more and more, the oil is dirty, the effect of cleaning the filter is reduced, and even the filter is blocked. Therefore, The oil in the air filter oil pan should be replaced regularly and the filter cartridge should be cleaned.

(3) Always check the tightness of each joint to prevent unfiltered air from entering the cylinder from the gap. The inspection method is as follows: When the engine is running at low speed, the air filter's strainer (wind hood) is removed. The palm of the hand blocks the intake nozzle. If the intake system is tight, it can be observed that the engine speed drops rapidly and black smoke is emitted until the flame is extinguished. If the speed is not significantly reduced and there is a "beep" sound, it indicates the intake. The system is not tight, the unfiltered air has gone "short circuited" into the cylinder.

Note: Do not let the palms go out until the flame is turned off, so as to avoid excessive carbon deposits in the cylinder.www.inocofiltration.com