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Features and core components of self cleaning filter

Usually, the self cleaning filter is equipped with three functions of differential pressure, time and manual. At the same time, we also specially designed the priority control function for the user, that is, in any case, as long as the system pressure difference reaches a predetermined value, The device will start the self-cleaning function to better protect your system.


Self cleaning filters can be divided into electric brush self-cleaning filters and scraper-type self cleaning filters. They are composed of casing, strainer assembly, suction cleaner, swing motor, sewage device, control system and other components. . The casing is the main component of the filter. The general model frame is made of low carbon steel, mainly to ensure product strength and good weldability.


Epoxy polyester material is sprayed on the inner and outer surfaces of the casing to ensure that the casing is corroded under the harsh water quality conditions, and the surface is simple and bright, which is easy to clean; the housing has movable hand holes for inspection and maintenance, which is convenient for operation; The shell sealing elements are all made of oil-resistant rubber products, which have good sealing performance and long service life; a lifting ring is arranged at the center of gravity of the casing to facilitate lifting and moving of the product.


The filter assembly is the core component of the self cleaning filter. Its cylinder frame is made of ABS engineering plastic. It can be divided into flat woven mesh, mat mesh, Z mesh, etc. according to different filtering water quality and requirements; Differently available in the range of 50-3000 microns, the filter can be guaranteed to have sufficient strength and durability.http://www.inocofiltration.com/