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Filter cartridge filter replacement steps

Jun 12, 2018

The filter element in the filter cartridge is not only the core component, but also a consumable product that needs to be replaced regularly. When replacing a filter cartridge, it is first required to obtain the filter cartridge corresponding to the requirements. It is necessary to take note of its specifications and quantity, and place it on site.


Then open the bypass filter of the filter cartridge, close the front and back valves of the security filter, and isolate the filter filter from the operating system. If the pure water subsystem can not be operated temporarily, shut down the corresponding subsystem first and avoid replacement. When the filter element suddenly starts, it causes a malfunction.


At the same time, open the exhaust valve above the filter cartridge filter and the drain valve at the bottom to empty the internal water; open the filter cap end cap with the corresponding tool to press the bolt and remove the end cap; remove the filter stainless steel pressure plate and remove Press the spring under the pressure plate.


When the old filter element in the filter cartridge is completely removed, care should be taken not to leave the old gasket under the filter cartridge; install a new filter cartridge and note that the filter upper and lower gaskets cannot be lost; but also put the pressing on the filter upper gasket. Springs; then install stainless steel platen, note that each spring must be aligned with the corresponding round hole in the platen.


Install the other components on the filter cartridge in the reverse order of disassembly. Install the filter cover. Note whether the sealing strip is installed flat and the corresponding direction of the pressure gauge is above. Use the appropriate tool to tighten the end cap and press the bolt. Immediately afterwards, close the drain valve below the filter cartridge filter, open the front and rear inlet and outlet valves, and close the bypass valve.


At the same time, it is required that the exhaust valve above the filter cover of the filter cartridge be kept open for exhaust. When the air in the exhaust valve has been completely discharged and the water has been discharged, close the exhaust valve. In the end, we must also do a good job in cleaning and sanitation on the equipment site and make relevant records.


During the entire process of replacing the filter cartridge filter cartridge, the first thing to note is that the old filter cartridge must not be left in the cartridge filter when removing the old filter cartridge; otherwise, the upper and lower gaskets must not be missing when installing the filter cartridge. After the replacement is completed, be sure to empty the air to normal use; after the completion of work, pay attention to check the import and export valve again. http://www.inocofiltration.com/