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Filter classification

Aug 26, 2019

According to the location and use of the filter, it can be divided into two categories: coarse filter and fine filter.

1. The coarse filter is mainly used in front of pumps, flow meters and valves to protect the equipment from large metal particles.

The accuracy is basically several tens of microns or more. Fine filtration is mainly to purify the fluid and protect the process. Its accuracy

The range is essentially between 0.01 microns and 30 microns.

2, according to the manufacturing design requirements can be divided into: pressure vessels and non-pressure vessels

The GB150 or ASME standard is implemented in accordance with the filter housing designed and manufactured for the pressure vessel.

Non-pressure vessels are executed in accordance with the SH/T3411 or HGT 21637 standard.

3, according to the use of media can be divided into: gas filter and liquid filter

The gas filter is suitable for gas-solid separation watershed and can be used for gas purification, separation and recovery. Liquid filter

Suitable for liquid-solid separation ** domains, such as lubricant filtration, filtration in the petrochemical industry, and wastewater treatment.