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Filter separator use and maintenance

Filter separator installed, you can long-term continuous, reliable work, generally do not open the lid cleaning, but usually should pay attention to the following points:

1) timely deflation. For the filter with manual bleed valve, manual bleed should be performed at each operation, as excessive accumulation of gas in the housing will affect the normal operation of the filter.

2) often put the precipitate. After each refueling operation, should be placed in sedimentation, sedimentation in the water is normal. If the deposit was found to have solid impurities, you should identify the cause and take timely measures.

3) Stick to record the pressure difference. After each operation, should be recorded in the maintenance log filter pressure and fuel throughput, in order to determine whether the filter separator is working properly. If you find a sudden drop in pressure, you should immediately stop using it, and promptly open the lid test to identify the cause.

4) Replace the filter.

When the following conditions occur, coalescing filter should be replaced:

① pressure to 0.1Mpa

② the use of more than six months

③ filter damage (pressure drop suddenly dropped)

When the following phenomena should be replaced when the separation filter:

① filter damaged

② filter water test failed